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I consider myself very creative, for as long as I can remember I have been inclined towards attention to detail, art, design and crafts. That's how I ended up studying for a Bachelor degree in ``Event Design and Organization”. Armando was one of my teachers in college. Then he introduced me to Paulina, who invited me to be part of Via Destination. From the moment I joined the team, I was welcomed with open arms and they infected me with their passion for creating personalized events that exceed clients' expectations. Currently I assist our clients as a concierge services. I support them in everything related to their wedding, event or trip to this Caribbean Eden. The purpose of my work at Via Destination is to answer all the questions our clients may have, so that way our clients can have a stress-free wedding or event and focus entirely on enjoying their group travel trip.

Meet the team

Armando Macias

Cancun and I grew up hand in hand, watching each other with enormous affection. Cancun offers me its benefits to develop professionally and as a human being, and I am proud to present this beautiful destination to visitors, couples, corporate groups and all those who would like to have the wonderful experience of celebrating a walk, a wedding or any other event in this Mexican paradise. Since Public Relations comes naturally to me, I am frequently involved in political and charity events, helping to preserve and promote the services and beauty of my city and state. I have an innate tendency to be a cosmopolitan businessman, that's why I studied International Trade. After we just married, my wife Paulina and I moved to Delaware, USA, where for several years I worked for a major restaurant chain. Later, thinking about the immense beauty and natural possibilities of Cancun, we decided to return and start with a catering family business. With almost fifteen years of experience working in the events and hospitality industry, we have learned to meet and satisfy the highest expectations of our clients. Currently and with great satisfaction, I am in charge of the corporate events, as well as support in the logistics and operation of our Destination Weddings.

Meet the team

Dana Castillo

I am a Mexico City lady living in Cancun paradise since 2005 and that's when my journey began! Passionate about organization, trends and my talking skills LOL, I have been doing Corporate Events and Destination Weddings for more than 10 years in 5 Star Resorts in Cancun & Riviera Maya. I am specialized in Multicultural weddings including Hindu, Jewish, Persian and Catholic ceremonies and traditions which are more than 700 weddings in the past years. On the other hand, I have the expertise to plan and execute Conference, Convention and incentive Trips. The adrenaline and excitement I get when planning a destination wedding or a Conference fills my heart and soul plus it really is what makes me happy; it gives me the opportunity to always innovate and create something unique and fresh for each client. I have a Degree in Tourism and it has been amazing seeing all the changes and evolution of this beautiful industry during these years. I live in Cancun with my husband and my son Nicolás; I love to travel and meet new people and pretty much enjoy time at home with the family. I would love you to continue meeting new couples and clients to share with you and your beloved ones what Mexico has in store for you!

Meet the team

Paulina Zamora

Since I was a teenager, I loved organizing my little brother's parties and looking for everything that was perfect. Now in my profession, that perfectionism is still latent, because to achieve: Planning without stress, the best quality in vendors, guests who enjoy the event and very satisfied customers, I cannot ask for less. I studied International Marketing because I wanted to learn the basics to start your own business and know how to sell it. During college, together with my best friend, I started my first business, a student travel agency. I married Armando and we moved to Delaware, United States. Later, we went to Cancun and started a banquet and events company where I learned about gastronomy, etiquette, protocol and service. I acquired a passion for serving others, creating a pleasant environment to enjoy a good meal with pleasant company. When working my first wedding banquets I discovered and fell in love with this beautiful of Romance I saw the need for wedding couples to find a reliable company that really cared about making their dreams come true and could be calm from their country of residence, knowing that the organization of the best weekend of their lives would be in charge of expert hands, so I decided to create viaDestination and then invited Vivian and Jacquelin to achieve this goal. Achieving a perfect and successful destination wedding or event requires a whole team behind it. In my spare time, I work with young people, organizing events to help them improve their potential and living conditions, so that they can benefit from a better future and commitment to society.

Meet the team

Vivian Caballero

I love traveling, I practice yoga, Scuba diving and I pick up trash on the beaches. I currently live in Miami Beach, Florida and I am the first contact for all of our clients. Living outside my country (Mexico) has enhanced my love for it and has created a great commitment to show the best that he has: his culture, gastronomy, landscapes and above all, his people. The spirit of service and warmth that Mexicans have to serve our visitors are recognized worldwide. Therefore, for me it is essential to know the needs of each of our clients and help them find the perfect venue for their wedding or event in our beautiful Mexican paradise. I am happy to recommend venues that have a great commitment to the environment. I studied International Relations. During my university years, I worked in a company that organized seminars, conferences and trade shows focused on the tech industry, it was there when I discovered the world of events. Later I worked in the hospitality industry, where I learned everything related to groups, gastronomy and public relations. Paulina invited me to create Via Destination which was very exciting for me. I knew we would make an excellent team as we have been friends for over 20 years and we know our capabilities very well. The most important thing for us is that everyone arrives and leaves happy!

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