Maryann and Andrew were looking for an all inclusive resort for their wedding because they wanted their guests to have a great vacation, stay together with friends and family, and wanted to make it easier for guest to get to the wedding since they are traveling from other country.

They chose to work with us because the other planners they interviewed did not work with all inclusive resorts, just private venues. Additionally, we could help their guests with accommodations since we are a travel agency too. Our full service planning fit exactly what they were looking for. We recommended they consider Cozumel since they are a pretty laid back couple that loves scuba diving.

They came to a site inspection visit to look at potential resorts and they chose the best option for them. We helped them through the process of finding a venue until well after the wedding weekend. We had to reschedule this wedding for one year because of the pandemic but in the end all guests and the couple loved their wedding weekend vacation in this charming, relaxing and uncrowded gorgeous island that also has its own Airport for the convenience of visitors.