Mikaela and Roger were looking for a special and unique venue for their destination wedding. They had in mind some venues that they had found online. Fortunately, they could travel to see the venues in person which in our experience is the best way to find your perfect venue.

We helped them with a 2 day site inspection tour where we took them to visit the venues they had in mind and others we thought would be a good fit for them. One of them was Garza Blanca Cancun Resort which they ultimately chose.

The couple offered a private catamaran tour a couple days before the wedding for all their guests which was a total success! Everybody had so much fun in the pristine waters of Isla Mujeres where guests took the opportunity to meet each other. Then they offered a rehearsal dinner with their closest family and friends one day before the wedding. The wedding day at Garza Blanca Cancun was simply magical and full of happy moments and an amazing gourmet dining experience.

We happily helped them to plan and organize this fantastic wedding weekend with our Full Planning Services.